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Durolane 60mg/3ml
$ 249
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Durolane is available in two dosages (1 ml and 3 ml) for the treatment of large and small joints. Held in the joint longer than other drugs on this basis


About Durolane 60 mg

Durolane 60 mg is a high-density transparent gel containing 20 milligrams of hyaluronic acid derived from the bacterial non-animal origin. Its composition is created biosynthetically with coupled to a solution of sodium chloride and pH7. The product acts on the affected area of the joint and creates new synovial bodies to reduce friction between the joints.

How to buy Durolan? 60 mg online and what is the Durolan? 60 mg price?

Beauty Dermal is an online store and Durolan? 60 mg online supplier where you can buy Durolan? 60 mg online at retail and buy Durolan? 60 mg wholesale. We provide you with great deals for wholesale purchases of goods. We offer the best price for Duralan? and the opportunity to choose a convenient shipping method. With the services of Beauty Dermal, you will save time and get answers to any questions about the product and the service.

Why should I choose Duralan? 60 mg injection?

Duralan? is prescribed for the treatment of knee or hip joints that are in moderate or severe stage of development. Such orthopedic products are mostly used when simpler methods have failed. The course of treatment is 1 injection with a break of 6 to 12 months. The treatment should be carried out until the pain is stopped or disappears. The product is introduced into the affected area with a syringe. After administration, hyaluronic acid begins to interact with the synovial fluid to form a new fluid. Due to this process, the joints affected are covered with a shell and dry friction stops. The pain decreases, the swelling disappears and the patient returns to a healthy lifestyle.

When I can’t administer Durolan? mg injection?

Injections should not be given to patients who are in a state of pregnancy or lactation, with caution should be given to patients who have impaired blood clotting. The product does not contain an anesthetic, so you need to carefully select anesthetics that will not cause allergies. If the product is inserted into the two sides of the damaged joint, 2 packs of the product are required because the procedure must occur with a new, intact needle. There are no marked side effects after injection of Durolan?, pain may occur during and after the injection, which lasts up to 14 days.

Durolane 60mg/3ml reviews:

Arthur Pearson

5/5, definitely worth the money!

Meilani M.

I found everything I needed at Beauty Dermal: nice prices, quick shipping, amazing customer support, and high-quality products. I’m satisfied with everything.


5/5, recommend!

Gabriel Thompson

I like this product, it does its job perfectly well. The parcel was delivered in four days, which is quite impressive. 5/5!

Jan Stevens

Thanks for the good service and rapid delivery!

Isabella Coleman

Excellent, this product provides fabulous results! 5/5

Berta Auer

A great dermal filler. Recommend.

Richard Barrera

It’s a very individual thing, whether the body gets used to the injectable or not. In my case, it’s not a match, but still I know plenty of people who benefited from it. I think, it’s just not my option.

Willie R.

Excellent brand, it works well!

T. Medina

Very good, the product works well. The price is quite affordable as well, which is a great benefit. Thank you!

Dr. R. Horn

5/5, loving it

Travis Miles

I usually alter between Monovisc and Durolane, they are the most helpful options when it comes to pain reduction in joints. I’ve tried many brands, but these two are definitely the best ones. Thank you for the reasonable pricing!

Tanner Madison

Ordered several packages of Durolane on your website. Everything arrived very fast! Thanks!


Many of my patients suffer from joint pain because of different health issues, and I’m so glad, I can reduce it with the help of this product. It works nice, a great alternative to other gel-like injectables. It is definitely in my TOP-3!

Becky Ch.

Nice product, fast shipping. I have zero complaints.


I do not what differentiates this product from many other dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid on the market. As for me, there are other cheaper alternatives with the same quality. Service and delivery are good. Recommend.

Dawn Earp

I love the products and the company. I buy a lot of fillers and other medications for my clinic, and it is always very beneficial due to their wholesale options that allow saving more when you buy a lot. The delivery is fast. I like it. Thank you, BeautyDermal.

Axel Woodward

The product is effective but there were cases when the injection did not work, it should be prescribed very individually. Good delivery service.

Noah Gonzalez

I've been working with this medication for over 6 years and the results are great! Various bone disorders are cured after 2 injections.

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