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Synvisc One 6ml
$ 337
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This is a specific type of treatment that is called a “viscosaple”, temporarily replacing the damaged synovial fluid, which helps alleviate pain and improve joint function.

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1 pc. $337.00
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About Synvisc One

Synvisc One is a transparent homogeneous gel composed of Hylan A and Hylan B polymers that are synthesized from chicken combs. Hulan molecules are crosslinked, providing better protection. The remedy also includes hyaluronan – a polymer containing disaccharides such as Na-glucuronate-N-acetylglucosamine. Synvisc-One is used to treat pain in osteoarthritis. Injections are given when physical activity methods and tablet products are not effective anymore.

Where can I buy Synvisc One in USA online and what is the Synvisc One price?

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What is Synvisc One Price at Beauty Dermal?

You can buy Synvisc One for $319 at BeautyDermal, and a bulk discount is available.

How is the product introduced?

Synvisc One is injected with an 18-20 gauge needle. Before introducing the product, make sure that the specialist has passed the relevant qualification. You cannot re-insert one needle and do not use the product if the packaging has been damaged. You can enter 6 milliliters of fluid into one knee. If you need to bring the product to another knee then unpack the new syringe.

What are the side effects of the Synvisc One and when it is forbidden to enter?

Before the procedure, you should discuss the features of your body with a specialist. If there occur symptoms such as allergy, pain, stiffness in the injection site, headache, inflammation, nausea, excessive heat at the injection site occur, the product should be removed from the body. Precautions:

  1. Do not disinfect the skin before injection with ammonium salts;
  2. Do not inject fluid into the synovial capsule;
  3. Do not enter the product into vessels;
  4. The fluid is used only for the knee joints;
  5. Do not introduce the product to patients who are sensitive to the product;
  6. Do not enter the product into the joint where the inflammatory process occurs;

After injection, slight swelling, pain or itching may occur, but these symptoms persist for 48 hours. The patient should also avoid exercising within 4 days after injection. Do not use the product if the patient is pregnant, lactating or when the patient is less than 21 years old.

Synvisc One 6ml reviews:

Dennis Madden

Thank you for the fast delivery; you are actual lifesavers! Four days, without any delays – I’m truly impressed.

Isabella Sullivan

5/5, great brand

Edith Emigdio

Very effective treatment for painful joints.

Darion Cayley

Very-very effective.

Inka Dulcibella

It relieves pain almost instantly! My sincere recommendation!

Dr. Allson

Synvisc is one of the best products for patients with joint-related problems. I always buy this brand for my clinic because of its outstanding effectiveness, as well as the relief customers experience after the injection. I received plenty of positive feedback from my clients, so now I know for sure which product should I use first. Thank you for a fast delivery, Beauty Dermal, I didn’t expect it to arrive so soon!


Amazing product and great service here! It was my first time ordering at Beauty Dermal, but I heard a lot of positive feedback, so I didn’t even doubt my choice. My order arrived quickly, everything was nicely packed, and there were no troubles at all. Thank you!

Jaquelin Torres

High quality product. I use it in my work for a long time, checked for years. But the lower price than this site I have not seen, the test order came on time and everything was qualitatively.

Grace Mitchell

In my orthopedic clinic, I often use this product. Order it on this site for 6 months, always satisfied with the service.

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