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The area around the eyes has the thinnest and the most sensitive skin, and it typically ages first, as this region is mainly prone to early damage. Usually, it’s caused by several internal and external factors, such as the natural aging process, rich facial expressions, health issues, and the environment surrounding an individual. Gladly, aesthetic medicine is developing rapidly, and more products are occurring on the market to boost skin conditions, including dermal fillers. Today, we dedicate our article to Profhilo – a popular solution used as a skin booster; however, is it true that this product is safe for a sensitive under-eye zone? Maybe there are better injectables that will suit better for this purpose?

Let’s uncover this topic and find all the answers to understand the specifics well. Learn more with our team!

We would like to remind you that all information on the BeautyDermal blog is provided for informational purposes only. Always consult with a professional for a safe experience with any cosmetic brand. 

The Understanding of Profhilo Treatment

Even though plenty of options are available on the market that aim at skin quality improvement, there are still products that can surprise specialists and their clients. Profhilo is one of those brands, as its unique formula and abilities help with skin rejuvenation while also boosting general dermis health. To understand this injectable better, let’s look closely at some basic characteristics everyone should remember before even considering Profhilo for their needs.

If you are a medical professional looking for a reliable supplier of cosmetic injectables – BeautyDermal is here to help. You can easily buy Profhilo online in a few fast clicks – just add it to the cart and confirm the order. Mind that we always check the license, as products like Profhilo can only be used by well-educated, experienced specialists. 

Woman preparing to receive Profhilo Under Eyes Treatment

Is It a Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler?

Profhilo treatments are beneficial for individuals with numerous aesthetic needs. It comes in the form of a transparent solution that contains a synthetic stabilized hyaluronic acid, and, as it’s a natural substance, the chances of extreme adverse reactions like severe allergies or painful sensations after the treatment are minimal. As the main task of HA is to provide proper hydration to the dermis, this injectable is a perfect option for individuals with dry, flaky skin that needs a proper hydration boost.

On top of that, Profhilo belongs to skin boosters, so elastin and collagen production are other benefits every patient can enjoy after the procedure. As these processes slow down significantly with age, supporting them to preserve youthful looks on the skin’s surface is vital. If you want to forget about wrinkles, folds, lines, and other age-related issues – Profhilo is the right call for you!

The Difference Between Profhilo and Other Injectables

If we compare Profhilo treatment with other aesthetic procedures, we may see that the main difference is the structure of hyaluronic acid molecules in the composition of Profhilo and other facial fillers. IBSA patented technology binds HA molecules close to each other. Hence, the hydration effect is intense, and the skin has the opportunity to restore itself thanks to better collagen and elastin production in the body. Unlike traditional facial fillers that fill in fine lines and wrinkles, Profhilo doesn’t provide additional volume, so such procedures as contouring or lip augmentation cannot be performed with its help. This product is meant to be administered into the deep layers of the dermis and treat the skin from the inside.

Everything You Have to Know About the Working Principle

The Profhilo solution has the ability to penetrate the skin deeply to initiate the rejuvenating process from within; that’s one of the main reasons patients with practically any cosmetic goals can benefit from this type of treatment.

To begin with, hyaluronic acid is a unique solution able to hold moisture up to 1000 times its own weight, so the hydrating effect after the injection session is truly impressive. On top of that, HA plays the role of the building material in the procedure, so it’s excellent for stimulating collagen and elastin – components responsible for the dermis firmness, volume, and general youthful glow. Because of that, Profhilo is believed to be one of the best rejuvenating solutions for patients over thirty who experience first severe aging signs, like deep creases and loss of skin laxity.

Is It Safe to Use Profhilo Under Eyes?

As has already been mentioned in this article, Profhilo belongs to skin boosters, meaning it’s mainly used for skin revitalization rather than wrinkle reduction and lost volume restoration. That’s why you should remember a few nuances about Profhilo and the under-eye treatments, the main one being that this product is not recommended for the sensitive eye zone. It shouldn’t be administered around the eyes as it can lead to unwanted puffiness; plus, there are many tiny blood vessels located there, and they can be easily damaged with just one incorrect movement. To rejuvenate skin in this delicate region, it’s better to consider Botox or other botulinum toxin-based injectables that help control facial movement, paralyze nerve-ending contractions, and smooth out crow’s feet that always bother people in that area. Thus, we highly recommend considering that option instead of Profhio for a safer and more beneficial experience.

Essential Treatment Steps You Should Remember

Now that we know all the essentials about the product let’s highlight some of the nuances of the Profhilo treatment. By knowing all the steps, people can easily prepare for the new experience and avoid unwanted anxiety caused by the process, making the procedure much easier for both the specialist and the client. Let’s look closely!

Before the Injection Session

Before the injection session, a patient discusses all the nuances of the injection session with a medical professional. Other essentials are also mentioned there, such as how many treatments are needed to reach a decent effect, the best dose for an individual, the injection points, and some other aspects. A doctor may also give some instructions to follow before the procedure, such as avoiding blood-thinning medications a week before the session or not having any chemical and laser treatments performed on the target area at least two weeks before the Profhilo injection.

Procedure Protocol

As Profhilo is a non-surgical procedure, the whole process doesn’t take long; on average, an hour is enough to finish an appointment. A doctor should prepare skin’s surface for all the manipulations; typically, it includes cleaning the area, removing all the remaining makeup and other contaminants, and applying a topical numbing cream to minimize the discomfort during the session. After the area is fully prepared, the solution can be infused with the help of an ultra-thin needle; it’s administered into deeper layers of the skin to settle well and provide a proper hydrating effect. As it’s a minimally invasive procedure, it’s possible to return to one’s usual activities right after it’s over. The recovery is typically non-problematic due to the natural components used for the solution, but those with high skin sensitivity should consider taking a day off from work to relax appropriately.

After the Treatment Session

The best thing about Profhilo injectables is how they settle in the body; the chances of severe adverse reactions are minimal, and the recovery typically doesn’t take a long time. And the best thing is that the healing process can be sped up with a proper aftercare routine; follow these recommendations to see the improvement in no time:

  • Avoid wearing makeup for at least a few days until all the skin irritations are gone;
  • Don’t rub or massage the administration spot;
  • Strenuous exercising is forbidden for at least a week;
  • Hursh treatments like peelings should be postponed;
  • Hot temperatures will only worsen all the adverse reactions, so don’t visit saunas, hot tubs, and other similar places.

By remembering and following those, you will make the experience unforgettable, so keep our recommendations in mind and share them with those planning to undergo a Profhilo treatment.

Safety Information to Remember

Another critical point in planning a Profhilo injection session is to discuss safety information essentials with a doctor. There are a few things that should be mentioned when it comes to contraindications and side effects, and we are here today to gladly remind you of those.

Possible Complications and Adverse Reactions

Even though Profhilo is a perfect solution to boost skin and make it generally younger-looking, glowing, and healthy, it’s still followed by some side effects that are better discussed prior to the procedure with a medical professional. This is the only way to have a positive experience in the doctor’s office without any negative consequences.

Most patients experience common irritations, like swelling and bruising, as it’s a natural reaction to the needle puncture in the target zone. A day is enough for it to disappear, and a person may cover unwanted marks with a little makeup if they bother them. Typically, nothing worse happens, so most patients can return to their usual routine right after the procedure.

Still, there are some risks you should consider to be safe and understand whether it’s time to contact a specialist. First of all, keep in mind such things as allergic reactions and immediate adverse reactions. It includes trouble breathing, swollen tongue and throat, problems swallowing, and sudden fainting. People may experience them a few minutes after the administration session, so it’s often recommended to stay in a doctor’s office for a little bit to ensure there are no risks to one’s well-being. There are also chances of filler migration, but they are quite low, and there are no risks if all the essential rules are followed and a proper aftercare routine is incorporated into one’s recovery program.


To ensure you are a good candidate for Profhilo treatments, it’s important to have a consultation with a medical professional and discuss all the essentials of the procedure. It includes current health conditions, allergies, cosmetic goals, and other crucial details. A doctor should inform you whether this session is suitable for your needs; for example, an individual cannot use Profhilo skin boosters if they match any of these contraindications:

  • Skin irritations and damage around the target spot;
  • Known allergies related to the product’s composition;
  • Severe health conditions, like diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, and others;
  • Overall poor health situation, like fever, migraine, or other flu-like symptoms;
  • Etc.

There are other ways to improve skin texture and tone, so an alternative can be picked instead of Profhilo. Still, a consultation with a specialist is demanded to understand all the options and select the most suitable one.

Main Benefits of the Profhilo Injectable Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers

Profhilo cosmetic treatments are well-known and discussed in the beauty world; that’s not surprising at all, as this brand was developed specifically to meet the needs of patients with various requests and aesthetic goals. When talking about the benefits of this procedure, the following points should be highlighted:

  • Efficient improvement of the skin surface;
  • Post-acne scars reduction;
  • Skin tone and texture boost;
  • Dermos firmness improvement;
  • Fine lines and wrinkles reduction, mainly due to the solution administration into the deep dermis layer;
  • Volume loss restoration and skin laxity correction;
  • A significant collagen and elastin production boost in the body;
  • Excellent natural-looking results in practically any body area.

To understand the precise number of Profhilo injections and the frequency of the treatment sessions, an individual’s personal conditions must be taken into consideration during the pre-appointment in the doctor’s office. Having a detailed plan is the best way to plan a safe procedure that meets all the patient’s needs.

The Bottom Line: Can I Use Profhilo Under Eyes?

Some call Profhilo a skin booster, and some consider it a dermal filler, but one thing remains the same – this brand is one of the best options for fast skin health improvement. As a non-surgical treatment, this option is perfect for individuals with busy schedules who cannot undergo complicated surgeries with long-lasting downtime. After the procedure, the results are noticeable practically immediately, and the revitalizing effect is visible for many months afterward; as a bonus, it may be continued if the solution is administered regularly into the target spots. To ensure this brand suits an individual, they must visit a doctor’s office and discuss the process’s peculiarities with a professional. We highly recommend checking out this injectable on our website. BeautyDermal always provides the best product for each client, so don’t miss your chance!