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Copper TT 380 Slimline IUD
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The intrauterine device COPPER T is one of the most effective non-hormonal contraceptives. The device is T-shaped and made of flexible polyethylene, with a thin layer of copper on its vertical and horizontal parts.

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Copper TT 380 Slimline IUD is an effective means of intrauterine contraception from the Durbin Plc, which, thanks to many years of experience, has established itself in the world market as one of the best manufacturers of products for contraceptive medicine. In addition to excellent quality and high efficiency (99%), it has a long service life (up to 10 years). You can buy Copper TT 380 Slimline IUD at Beauty Dermal at the best price.

Product properties

The spiral has a T-shape design and is made of compounds of low-density polyethylene carrier and is also wrapped in pure copper (99%) wire, which makes the spiral visible for ultrasound and X-ray machines and allows you to control the correct location. This product is made on a double spiral system, which allows it to be securely fixed in the uterine cavity.

For quick installation and comfortable removal, two special monofilament threads have been thought out in the spiral design, which also allows you to control the location of the product.

It should be noted that the restoration of fertility after the removal of the Copper TT 380 Slimline IUD takes place within three months.

The effectiveness of contraception Copper TT 380 Slimline IUD model is 99%.

It does not affect a woman’s hormonal system.


  • Proven, safe, replaceable
  • Easy to introduce
  • Long service life (up to 10 years)
  • No hormones
  • Very comfortable
  • Instant efficiency
  • Doesn’t require daily maintenance
  • Safe contraceptive for breastfeeding women
  • No-touch insertion technology
  • Can be used in women for whom hormonal contraception is contraindicated
  • The coil remains in place until removed by a doctor
  • Safe for all women, including adolescents and women over 40
  • Safe after abortion or miscarriage in the absence of infection
  • Safe for women with genital inflammatory diseases in the absence of infection
  • Safe for HIV-infected women on antiretroviral therapy and clinically healthy

You can buy Copper TT 380 Slimline IUD and?T 380 A (Eurogine)?at Beauty Dermal, your future supplier. We offer a wide variety of cosmetics, mesotherapy, orthopedics, and contraceptive drugs at the most beneficial prices. Excellent quality, fast delivery, and pleasant service are guaranteed!

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Richard Hoffman

Thanks for such great customer service! The products are great quality

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