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Jaydess IUD
$ 299
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It is recommended that Jaydess should only be inserted by physicians/ healthcare providers who are experienced in IUS insertions and/ or have undergone training on the Jaydess insertion procedure.

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About Jaydess

Jaydess is an intrauterine spiral based on levonorgestrel, which includes 13 milligrams of the active substance. Within 24 hours, 20 mcg of the active substance is released and thanks to this, the result of the action of the product is calculated for 3 years of contraceptive action. Under the action of the hormone, the properties and structure of the uterine myometrium change, and the egg cannot fertilize.

Where I can buy Jaydess online and can I buy Jaydess wholesale online?

Beauty Dermal is an online store where you can buy Jaydess online and order Jaydess wholesale. Beauty Dermal is a Jaydess supplier and we offer fast and quality delivery. If you have any questions, you can contact our support managers to solve the problem.

What happens inside the body after the administration of Jaydess.

The product may affect the menstrual cycle due to the action of levonorgestrel on the uterine endometrium. In the process of hormonal changes in endometrial proliferation, blood flow during menstruation may increase over time. Subsequently, there is a contraction and the body returns to normal functioning. The ovaries remain in working order and the usual level of estradiol is maintained.

Can I change a product without harming my health?

The Jaydess remedy may be entered only by a professional who has received medical education. The product is administered in seven days after starting of menstruation. You can replace it at any time of the menstrual cycle. The system is allowed to enter after the abortion. If there is pain or bleeding during or after administration, a physical examination and ultrasound should be performed immediately, and if complications occur, remove the product.

The Jaydess system is removed with a surgical forceps. If the filaments extending from the Jade spiral are inconspicuous or the system is in the uterine cavity, then it can be pulled out with wide forceps. The system must be pulled out before the product expiration date to avoid any complications. If the patient wishes to continue using the product, a new system can be entered.

What are the contraindications to the use of Jaydess?

It is forbidden to enter the product if the patient is pregnant, there are inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs or diseases of infectious type, there is acute cervicitis or vaginitis, the development of malignant tumors of the cervix, progestogen-dependent tumors or pathological vaginal bleeding, diseases of the liver.

What is the advantage of online store Beauty Dermal?

We offer you the best deals. Jaydess price at Beauty Dermal is quite low, but the product is completely original and quality. Thanks to our services you will save your time and money and be able to enjoy the quality service of our online store.

Jaydess IUD reviews:

Sarah Evans

Very effective birth control option with minimal adverse reactions after the insertion. I like it.

Dr. Harvey

In my clinic, Jaydess is among the most popular methods of birth control for women. This intrauterine spiral demonstrates high effectiveness, comfortable wearing after the insertion, and minimal adverse reaction after the device is put inside.

I enjoy working with the Beauty Dermal team because these guys are always so polite and supportive; they were incredibly helpful when I was placing my first order on their website and wasn’t sure about how to do it correctly.

Emily Mashford

Jaydess is top among my clients in the clinic for long-lasting contraception. It is effective, comfortable for the patient, easy to insert and remove, and has many other benefits, so I usually recommend this IUD as a contraceptive for family women who are just looking for an effective method for family planning. And the price here is good too. Recommend.

Melinda Merritt

A product that is used in my clinic for women after birth for contraception in the future. The best product in this case is always recommended.

Belinda Freeman

I work with the product for a long time, I always recommend its name. For the first time I saw such a nice price and immediately ordered the product. Everything came out qualitatively and quickly.

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