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Mirena English 52mg 1 IUD
$ 377
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The internal delivery system of a lіkarskih site, a yak is stored with a hormone-elastic reservoir of matrices that is rotated on a T-subframe housing with a polytelene. The reservoir core is 50% stored from levonorgestrel and 50% from a polydimethylsiloxane elastomer, screw into the polydimethylsiloxane membrane.

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About Mirena

Mirena is a contraceptive hormonal agent, presented in the form of a copper helix. The effectiveness can be compared to contraceptive pills, which eliminates the least possibility of fertilization and pregnancy. Due to its composition, Mirena can relieve severe bleeding during menstruation as early as 90 days after administration to the uterus, however, there are cases when bleeding disappears during menstruation.

What are the benefits of the Mirena spiral among other contraceptives?

Mirena is used for contraception, treatment of excessive menstrual bleeding and overgrowth of the inner lining of the uterus. Mirena is placed in the uterus and is active for 5 years. The active substance is released within 24 hours at a rate of 20 mcg and after a few years, the rate is reduced to 11 mcg.

Where I can buy Mirena online and can I buy Mirena wholesale online?

Beauty Dermal is an online store where you can buy Mirena online. Beauty Dermal is a Mirena supplier. Here we offer fast and quality delivery. If you have any questions, you can contact our support managers who are always ready to help.

What are the contraindications for the introduction of Mirena?

It is forbidden to enter Mirena during pregnancy, if you have inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, infections of the urogenital tract, postpartum endometritis, abortion during the last 3 months, presence of dysplasia of the cervix, malignant formations of the uterus or cervix, when pathological uterine disease is present, or liver tumor, increased sensitivity to the components of the drug. If you experience a migraine, severe headache, jaundice, severe circulatory disorders after 7 days from entering Mirena, you should remove the product.

How is Mirena injected into the uterus?

Mirena should be introduced only by a qualified doctor into the uterus no later than seven days after the onset of menstruation. Mirena can?t be used after an abortion if the doctor isn?t sure that there are no genital infections. Mirena is not a contraceptive used after sexual intercourse. In some cases, patients experience pain and dizziness after system administration. If these phenomena continue for 60 minutes, the spiral should be removed and properly positioned. After removal of the spiral, you need to make sure that there are no alien objects in the uterus.

Are there any side effects?

Adverse reactions may occur after administration of a spiral into the uterus, but most of them occur when Mirena is used for therapeutic purposes rather than contraceptives. Frequent headaches, abdominal pain, changes like bleeding and various sexual excretions are possible. Also possible are conditions such as depression, nausea, acne, back pain, and breast pain.

Bleeding, nausea or dizziness may also occur when the spiral is removed.

How much does Mirena cost in Beauty Dermal online store?

We offer you the best deals. Mirena IUD cost at Beauty Dermal is quite low, but the product is completely original and quality. Thanks to our services you will save your time and money and be able to enjoy the quality service of our online store.

Mirena English 52mg 1 IUD reviews:

Sophia Carter

Effective product at an affordable price. BeautyDermal is a great option to stock up on it!

Olivia Morgan

Very good product, never lets me down. 10/10

J. Smith

Mirena is a safe and highly effective option to prevent unwanted pregnancy. I can understand why so many people choose it as their primary option.

Sanford Hieronymus

I love Mirena for its safety and effectiveness! 5 out of 5.

Lani C.

Mirena is not for everyone but is still very effective for preventing unwanted pregnancy. I recommend consulting with a doctor before choosing the best birth control option, there are quite a few available on the market.

Joseph C.

An excellent, safe, and effective IUD option. I use it in my clinic all the time.

Dr. Jonas

Mirena is a perfect birth control option. It’s effective, doesn’t cause discomfort, and is suitable for practically every patient. Thank you, BeautyDermal, for fast shipping, you always got my back!


Many patients of mine prefer Mirena as their main birth control option. I’ve never had complaints about this device, so I think it’s a great indicator of the great quality of this product.

Juliette Blair

Thanks to the quick delivery of Beauty Dermal, there is always this product in my clinic. The product is qualitative, everything is well packed.

Linda Croftoon

Thanks to Mirena, a large number of women's diseases can be cured, and this is a reliable contraception. I have been cooperating with the site already for half a year, always everything is in stock and fast delivery.

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